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Why Morinda Bioactives MAX

Morinda Bioactives MAXMax

The world's greatest Bioactive Beverage

Thrive Adaptogenics MAX from Morinda Bioactives is an innovative new supplement that’s causing people to rethink the way they approach their health. MAX dramatically improves health and protects against many of today’s common health concerns. MAX uses the power of natural bioactives, including proprietary iridoid blends, to deliver a remarkable range of health benefits—without side effects. Each 60 mL dose delivers 120 milligrams of iridoids from medicinal plant sources.

The following benefits are proven in hundreds of studies published by independent researchers, as well as 16 published human clinical studies.

The bioactives in MAX:

  • Protect against premature aging
  • Promote healthy angiogenesis
  • Improve heart and circulatory function
  • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Support healthy inflammatory response
  • Optimize the immune system
  • Protect the body against free radical damage
  • Enhance healthy brain function
  • Boost endurance and sustain energy

No matter what your current state of health, Max can improve it. Just two ounces every day can help you be healthier, feel younger, and have more energy. Guaranteed.

MAX contains hundreds of medicinal plant bioactives and offers the widest range of iridoid sources, including noni, blueberry, olive, and cornelian cherry. These bioactives are scientifically proven to work in harmony with the natural chemistry of the body, helping to balance key chemicals that support the healthy function of physiological systems

How to use:

Drink 60ml of Thrive Max every day and enjoy its benefits.


Morinda citrifolia (Noni) Fruit Nectar from Pure Noni Pur?e and from Juice Concentrate from French Polynesia (49.6%)

Cornus mas (Cornelian Cherry) Pur?e (19.4%)

Vaccinium corymbosum (Blueberry) Juice from Concentrate (13.1%)

Olea europaea (Olive) Fruit Extract (0.6%)


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